NACLO 2010 at University of Rochester

November 20, 2009


University of Rochester is hosting a site for the 2010 North American Olympiad in Computational Linguistics (NACLO). NACLO is a competition for middle-school and high-school students which involves solving problems about language and computational linguistics. It consists of two rounds: the Open Round (February 4), open to all interested students,  and the Invitational Round (March 10), for students who have advanced from the first round. The winners of the Invitational Competition will be invited to participate in the International Linguistics Olympiad. This event is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and a select group of universities across the country are participating, including Brandeis, CMU, Columbia,  University of Michigan and University of Rochester.

Computational linguistics is an interdisciplinary field that brings together language, logic and computer science. Some applications of computational linguistics  include computer programs that automatically translate from one language to another, read and summarize news stories, and answer questions using the web.

Important Dates

Open round: February 4, 2010 from 10am to 1pm. University of Rochester room location TBA.

To register go to This site has comprehensive information on NACLO, including sample problems from past Olympiads. For questions about local arrangements, contact Mary Swift.