Chunqiang Tang (Ph.D.'04) Wins Multiple IBM Research Awards

December 3, 2009


URCS alumnus Chunqiang Tang (Ph.D. 2004), a researcher at IBM's T.J. Watson Research Center, has received multiple prestigious IBM Research awards.

  • Recipient of the IBM Research "Accomplishment Award" in 2009, for contributions to the PARA-medic tool that diagnoses problems with enterprise IT systems. The qualification of this award requires not only technical innovation but also concrete, measurable impacts on IBM's revenue by 10 million USD or more.
  • Recipient of the IBM Research "Accomplishment Award" in 2009 for the second time, for contributions to the "Prism Service Quality Metrics" solution, which has been widely deployed in hundreds of enterprise customer accounts and enables continuous quality and process improvement in global IT service delivery.
  • Recipient of the IBM "CIO Leadership Award" in 2009, for contributions in the Cloud Computing area, more specifically, for leading the solution design and implementation of IBM's internal "CIO Development-Test Cloud."