Ehsan Hoque, among ‘10 Scientists to Watch,’ is a study in resiliency

October 5, 2017

In four years since becoming an assistant professor at the University of Rochester, Ehsan Hoque has earned an impressive set of honors.

An expert in human-computer interaction and a pioneer in developing apps that help people hone their speaking and social skills, Hoque is:

And now, he’s on the Science News 10 Scientists to Watch List for 2017.

This may not sound like someone who dropped out of his first computer science class at a liberal arts university in Missouri—not once, but two semesters in a row. Or someone who failed to hit the “submit” button when trying to pick computer science as his major at Penn State.

And yet, Hoque gladly recounts these mishaps from his undergraduate days to illustrate the importance of resilience, which he defines as “your ability to go from one failure to another without losing your motivation.”

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