Marty Guenther Retires After 25 Years of Service

March 9, 2018

The study of computer science has undergone sweeping change in the past couple of decades, right along with the technology itself. And Marty Guenther, who recently retired as the undergraduate coordinator in the computer science department, has been both witness to that and a key participant during her 25 years at the University.

She's watched the department's undergraduate enrollment increase dramatically- from an initial graduating class of fewer than 10 in 1999 to more than 100 in a class now.

And she's been a key player in helping to make that enrollment- initially almost entirely male- include more women.

Even when there were only a handful of women students in the department, Guenther brought them together in events designed to create cohesion, notes department chair Sandhya Dwarkadas.

Guenther also helped create Girl Power: A Girl's Introduction to Computer Science, which was offered as a Rochester Scholars summer course for high school students.

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