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picture of Edith Hemaspaandra and Lane A. Hemaspaandra
The professors Hemaspaandra (Lane of URCS, left; Edith of RIT-CS, right), on their 41st Adirondack mountaintop, demonstrating the power of nonunary encodings

Lane A. Hemaspaandra

Note: Pre-marriage name = Lane A. Hemachandra.

Computer Science Department
Box 270226
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627-0226
Email: ID = lane.hemaspaandra
          DOMAIN = icloud.com
Phone: Please use email (we no longer have office phones).
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Lane's first pointer, 1989
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B.S. (summa cum laude), Yale University, Computer Science and Mathematics & Physics, 1981.
M.S., Stanford University, Computer Science, 1982.
M.S., Cornell University, Computer Science, 1984.
Ph.D., Cornell University, Computer Science, 1987.

Lane's interests include computational complexity theory (especially structural complexity theory) and computational social choice theory.


Current Editorial Positions:

Books and Other Publications:

2023-2024 Academic-Year Courses:

  • Spring 2024 Term: CSC 200/200H: Undergraduate Problem Seminar/Honors Undergraduate Problem Seminar/
  • Spring 2024 Term: CSC 286/486: Computational Complexity

Research Projects:

Ph.D.s and Postdocs Advised (Alphabetical Order):

Other (often Fun) Stuff:

  • Lane and his wife Edith have climbed the 115 major peaks of the Northeastern USA, and so are in the (poorly named as to the number) Northeast 111 ClubAMC Northeast 111 Club Patch. Basically as a corollary, they are also Adirondack 46ers Adirondack Forty-Sixer Logo and are in the AMC White Mountain Four Thousand Footers Club AMC White Mountains Four Thousand Footers Patch and the AMC New England Four Thousand Footers ClubAMC New England Four Thousand Footers Patch.
  • Posters describing research done by the Lane and his students/collaborators:
    • Control in the Presence of Manipulators: Cooperative and Competitive Cases: view it as pdf.
    • Schulze and Ranked-Pairs Voting Are Fixed-Parameter Tractable to Bribe, Manipulate, and Control: view it as pdf.
    • Control Complexity of Schulze Voting: view it as pdf.
    • Weighted Electoral Control: view it as pdf.
    • The Complexity of Bribery in Elections: view it as powerpoint.
    • Guarantees for the Success Frequency of an Algorithm for Finding Dodgson-Election Winners: view it as powerpoint.
    • Politics Good, Computation Bad (by Chris Homan about our group's Power Index work): view it as pdf.
    • One-Way Functions and Cryptography: view it as powerpoint.
    • Rice-Style Theorems in Complexity Theory: view it as powerpoint.
  • Here are two videos made by Lane for our graduate-student recruiting days:
    • A 12-minute video (in .m4v format) from 2010 (in case it below doesn't have the video ready to roll but rather says that this video is not supported in your browser---I've tested it just on Safari and Firefox and it seems ok in both for me---here is the video as an .m4v download):
    • A 3-minute video (in .m4v format) from 2016 of Lane proving---very quickly as this was during a "2-Minute Madness" session in which each speaker got only 2 minutes in which to speak---a special case of a theorem from his 1989 Information and Computation paper with Jin-Yi Cai, namely, proving that if there is a polynomial-time function that given any Boolean formula outputs a list of two values one of which is its number of satisfying assignments, then #SAT itself is outright in polynomial time:
  • Color slides from Lane's Talk on Lewis Carroll's 1876 Election System
  • Color presentation (powerpoint) made by Christopher Homan on his paper with Lane on Heuristics for Lewis Carroll's 1876 Election System
  • Web presentation made by Christopher Homan about the paper "Power Balance and Apportionment Algorithms for the United States Congress," L. Hemaspaandra, K. Rajasethupathy, P. Sethupathy, and M. Zimand, ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithmics, V. 3, #1, August 1998.
  • TheoryCanal: The Rochester-Area Theory Seminar Series
  • Theoretical Computer Science Research at URCS
  • A wonderful picture, taken by Yuan Sun in October 2002, of the waterfalls and leaves at Letchworth State Park near Rochester.
  • My student Mayur Thakur's March 15, 2004 Hour-Long Job Talk at University of Missouri at Rolla, Where He Became an Assistant Professor (Warnings: This is a .rm video, and seems to (on my mac) only work if one has RealOne Player and puts it into Theatre or Full-Screen mode; otherwise one doesn't seem to get the picture at all. Also, though the sound starts right away, the picture of Mayur starts only 66 seconds into this one hour video.)
  • Carlson Library CS Resources Page
  • Numbers Are Magic and Fun
  • The Wisdom of Juris Hartmanis (from Upson's Familiar Quotations, 4th Ed.), pages: 1, 2, and 3; special bonus: see a great man and a statue
  • The Wisdom of John Hopcroft (from Upson's Familiar Quotations, 4th Ed.).
  • The Wisdom of George Polya.

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