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What this Page is About

This is a page of links to about six hundred transparencies covering the seven of the nine chapters of the book The Complexity Theory Companion (Hemaspaandra and Ogihara, Springer-Verlag, hardcover edition 2002; softcover edition 2010). For other information on this book, see the web home page of The Complexity Theory Companion.

Disclaimers of Various Sorts

These transparency sets are not authored by either of the authors of the Complexity Theory Companion (and we also do not maintain or correct them---they are a free but take-it-as-it-is resource). Rather, this transparencies in general are sets made, as a project, by various groups of (typically very bright) students who took a course based on the book (and to whom we are deeply indebted, for making this web page possible). The first transparency of the set will announce the names of the authors of the transparency set. Of course, as is typical, if you use these transparencies sets for your own courses, please do make sure to credit the authors of the transparencies, via leaving their names on their transparencies.

These transparencies in a few cases use nasty fonts or obscure 3rd party software (e.g., powerpoint but with texpoint equations). So, if the transparencies look crazy to you (most typically, the equations), that is probably the reason. By the way, in Word/Powerpoint, such errors happen flat-out silently. Sigh. And even a few of the pdf exports here have this problem, due to problems the students had exporting in tricky cases. But in most cases, even if you have problems with using the Word/Powerpoint source, the .pdf or .ps versions should be nicely printable to use as transparency masters.

Each transparency set presents just those aspects of its respective chapter that the students decided to focus on, and so may not cover every result or even every section.

If you are the author of one of these transparencies sets and don't think it is properly here, let us know and we'll take yours immediately down.

Transparency Sets For Seven of the Nine Body Chapters of The Complexity Theory Companion (note: Please see the first page of each slide set for the names of the authors of that slide set)

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