Note: Schedule is subject to change, please check back frequently.

Date Class notes Readings
Sep 3, Tuesday Course introduction
Sep 5, Thursday Collection of big data "Web crawler" at Wikipedia
"Focused crawler" at Wikipedia
Sep 10, Tuesday Mapreduce parallel data processing Original MapReduce paper
Sep 12, Thursday Big data application: Web page quality ranking "PageRank" at Wikipedia
Rajaraman/Leskovec/Ullman book Chapter 5
Sep 17, Tuesday Big data application: Recommendation systems Rajaraman/Leskovec/Ullman book Chapter 9
Sep 19, Thursday Big data application: Mining social-network graphs Rajaraman/Leskovec/Ullman book Chapter 10
Sep 24, Tuesday Hadoop parallel data processing Hadoop at
Sep 26, Thursday Guest lecture by Prof. Tolga Soyata (ECE)
Oct 1, Tuesday Parallelism beyond Mapreduce: Threads
Oct 3, Thursday Parallelism beyond Mapreduce: Distributed data processing Documents at MPI Forum
Oct 8, Tuesday Fall break
Oct 10, Thursday Persistent data store: Disks, (tapes?), Flash, NVRAMs Gray&Putzolu's 5-minute rule
Oct 15, Tuesday Parallel data storage and file system Google File System
Oct 17, Thursday TA session on assignments
Oct 22, Tuesday Structured data stores Bigtable and Distributed memcache
Oct 24, Thursday Data representation and indexing Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis book Chapter 5
Oct 29, Tuesday Human interaction with data Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis book Chapter 9
Oct 31, Thursday Warehouse-scale data centers The Datacenter as a Computer Chapters 1,2,3,7
Nov 5, Tuesday Power/energy and cooling in data centers The Datacenter as a Computer Chapters 4,5
Nov 7, Thursday Computer execution statistics as a big data source Hardware Counters As A First-Class System Resource
Power Containers
Nov 12, Tuesday Data security basics
Nov 14, Thursday Guest lecture by Prof. Xing Qiu (Biostatistics)
Nov 19, Tuesday Health care and big data by Vedant Ahluwalia
Big data in Genetics by Androwis Abumoussa
Nov 21, Thursday Big data security practices
Nov 26, Tuesday Demographic profiling using social media by Helen Shin
Nov 28, Thursday Thanksgiving break
Dec 3, Tuesday Credit/debit card fraud analysis by Howard Mizes
Big data visualization by Yuanda He
Dec 5, Thursday Guest lecture by Prof. M. Ehsan Hoque (Human-Computer Interaction)
Dec 10, Tuesday Predictive analytics
Dec 12, Thursday Canceled for project demo