Class schedule and notes

Note: Schedule is subject to change, please check back frequently.

Date Lecture notes Readings
Jan 16, Thursday Introduction
Jan 21, Tuesday Parallel application cases Sections 2.1/2.2 of Culler and Singh
Google's PageRank
Jan 23, Thursday Parallel programming Section 2.3 of Culler and Singh
Jan 28, Tuesday Parallel programming Chapter 3 of Culler and Singh
Jan 30, Thursday Superscalar processors (instruction-level parallelism) The microarchitecture of Superscalar processors
Feb 4, Tuesday Shared memory multiprocessors and cache coherence Section 5.1/5.3 of Culler and Singh
Feb 6, Thursday Multiprocessor memory consistency models Section 5.2/5.3 of Culler and Singh
Shared memory consistency models: A tutorial
Feb 11, Tuesday Synchronization Section 5.5 of Culler and Singh
Algorithms for scalable synchronization on shared memory multiprocessor
Feb 13, Thursday Synchronization (cont.)
Feb 18, Tuesday Guest lecture by Prof. Sandhya Dwarkadas Threads cannot be implemented as a library
Feb 20, Thursday Guest lecture by Prof. Chen Ding
Feb 25, Tuesday Distributed memory parallel computing and MPI MPI Forum
Feb 27, Thursday Implementation of MPI systems
Mar 4, Tuesday Multicore parallelism and OS management Towards practical page coloring-based multi-core cache management
Hardware execution throttling for multi-core resource management
Request behavior variations
Mar 6, Thursday Additional parallel programming models OpenMP, Cilk
Mar 11, Tuesday Spring break
Mar 13, Thursday Spring break
Mar 18, Tuesday MapReduce parallel data processing MapReduce: Simplified data processing on large clusters
Mar 20, Thursday Hadoop parallel programming Hadoop at
Mar 25, Tuesday Parallelism/concurrency in servers Flash: An efficient and portable web server
Capriccio: Acalable threads for Internet services
Mar 27, Thursday Distributed systems
Apr 1, Tuesday Student presentations
Apr 3, Thursday TA session on the Hadoop assignment
Apr 8, Tuesday Fault Tolerance Distributed snapshots: Determining global states of distributed systems
The part-time parliament
Apr 10, Thursday Guest lecture on transactional memory by Ryan Yates
Apr 15, Tuesday Cancelled, makeup class on Apr 18
Apr 17, Thursday Guest lecture by Prof. Tolga Soyata
4:00-5:15pm, Apr 18, Friday Replication
Apr 22, Tuesday Large-scale data centers The Datacenter as a Computer
Apr 24, Thursday Parallel and Distributed Data Management The Google file system
Distributed memcache
Apr 29, Tuesday Cloud computing