CSC280 Computer Models and Limitations: Lecture Slides

This site provides postscript files (with corrections) of the transparencies that I use in the classroom. The files are subject to change. Errors found in the classroom will be corrected afterwards.

Eight slides can neatly fit in one page. When you are logging in on a CS machine, mark the pages you want and save them into a file, say Then print them with a command line

This will print eight slides one each side of a sheet. The first command could be replaced by "zcat" or any other way to print a gz file on stdout. Also the final lpr could be replaced by one of the n ways to print from stdin. Also adding the option "-d" (for default printer) or "-P printer-name" to a2ps will do the job.

Provided below are gzip-ed postscript files and gzip-ed pdf files. You will need an appropriate viewer for viewing these files, namely, either ghostview (for unix) or GS (for PC/MAC) to view postscript files and acroread to view pdf files. Note that the pages are in the "landscape" mode, rotated by 90 degrees from the ordinary letter size format, so if you open the files, then the lines go from bottom to top. To adjust the view on either ghostview or GS you need to select "landscape" in "orientation." Also note that the pdf files cannot be viewed with an older version of acroread.

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