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Chapter 20 and 21
DateDOWEventsLecture #Lecture NotesReadingsDue
17-Jan-18Wed 1Logistics and IntroductionChapter 1, 2 
22-Jan-18Mon 2Database Model and Introduction to SQL
Notebook:Lecture 2
Chapter 2, 6 
24-Jan-18Wed 3Introduction to SQL (part 2)
Introduction to SQL (part 3)
Notebook:Lecture 2 recap
Notebook:Lecture 3
Chapter 2, 6 
29-Jan-18Mon 4Introduction to SQL (part 4)
Notebook:Lecture 4
Chapter 5, 6, and 7 
31-Jan-18Wed 5No New Slides  
5-Feb-18Mon 6Introduction to SQL (last)  
7-Feb-18Wed 7ER DiagramChapter 3 
12-Feb-18Mon 8ER Diagram (part 2)  
14-Feb-18Wed 9ER Diagram (part 3)Chapter 9 
19-Feb-18Mon 10ER Diagram to Relation Mapping
Database Design Part 1(FDs, Anomalies)
Chapter 14, 15 
21-Feb-18Wed 11Database Design Part 2 (Closure, Super Key, Key)   
26-Feb-18Mon 12Database Design Part 3 (2NF, 3NF, BCNF)   
28-Feb-18Wed 13Database Design Part 4 (BCNF Decomposition, Cover, Minimal Cover)   
5-Mar-18Mon 14Relational Algebra and Midterm Review  
12-Mar-18MonSpring Recess    
14-Mar-18WedSpring Recess    
19-Mar-18Mon 15HTML, PHP, and MySQL
Chapter 16, 17 
21-Mar-18Wed 16File StructuresChapter 16 and 17 (Refer slides) 
26-Mar-18Mon 17File Structures and IndexingChapter 16 and 17 (Refer slides) 
28-Mar-18Wed 18Indexing  
2-Apr-18Mon 19Query Processing (Sorting and Join)  
4-Apr-18Wed 20No New slides  
9-Apr-18MonLast day to drop/S/F21HashMap and Query optimization  
11-Apr-18Wed 22MongoDb 
16-Apr-18Mon 23Transactions_1Chapter 20, 21, and 22 
18-Apr-18Wed 24Transactions_2  
23-Apr-18Mon 25No New Lecture Slides
File to Start With
30-Apr-18MonLast Lecture27Final Review